The euphony of Folk music from around the world comes back to its’ abode; to the land of Lalon, to the rivers of Bhatiali, to the sound of Bhawaiya.


‘Dhaka International FolkFest’ is a celebration of sheer musical brilliance where myriads of folk artistes from home and abroad perform on a single platform. From the very beginning, our journey has been bestowed with more than 500 artistes from 17 countries and made it the biggest folk music festival of Asia.


Come indulge your senses once again and experience three magical nights of world folk music.


Welcome to the 5ᵗʰ edition of Dhaka International FolkFest 2019.

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14-16 November (6pm-12am)

Bangladesh Army Stadium

200+ Artistes

14 Performances

3 Day Festival

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Festival Information


  • + Food & Water Policy

    Outside food or any kind of drinking bottle is strictly prohibited. Food will be available for purchase inside and safe drinking water is available free of charge at the venue.

  • + Security Policy

    • Security checks will be frequent and random and management also reserves the right to confiscate any item/device which may cause any danger or disruption to other members of the audience.
    • The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove from the premises, any individual or group deemed as a security threat or an element of disturbance for others.
    • All sorts of bags are strictly prohibited, females are allowed to carry a single purse (max. 8 inch x 6 inch) (please be advised that there are no safe keeping/storage facilities available at the venue).
    • The whole venue will be under CCTV surveillance. TV cameras will be present at the venue. The use of professional cameras, video and sound recording equipment is strictly prohibited.
    • Attending the event signifies the entry pass holder’s consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves as a member of the audience with no obligations.
    • Headphone, Charger, Power Bank are prohibited at Army Stadium.
    • Any kind of cosmetics (e.g. Lipstick, Eyeliner, Lip Balm) and make up item will not be allowed inside the Venue.
  • + Guardians & Parents

    Children aged less than 11 years are not allowed at the event.

  • + Lost & Found Property

    The organizer will not take any responsibility for loss or theft of any personal belongings or any personal injury incurred during the program.

  • + Drugs & Smoking Policy

    • Any kind of smoking is not allowed at the venue. Possession of any tobacco/e-cigarettes or any combustible and flammable items is strictly prohibited inside the venue.
    • Liquid Medicines are prohibited inside the venue.
  • + Festival Registration

    • To get entry, audience must register online. To register, please visit or URL
    • Note that there are three (3) separate Entry Passes for each day of the three (3) day event. Bring the right Entry Pass along with you for each consecutive day to gain access to the event.
    • Entry after 10 pm and re-entry is strictly prohibited.
    • This Entry Pass cannot be photocopied or re-used.
    • This Entry Pass is not transferable and re-entry to the event on the same day using this pass is strictly prohibited.
    • To have an orderly entry at the event, you are requested to carry National I.D., Passport, Driving License or any similar photo identification along with you. All cell phones or other hand-held devices should be put to silent as soon as the program begins.
    • Entry wristband will be provided against each Entry Pass in the venue, please make sure to have it on you throughout the tenure of the event.


  • + Transportation

    • Transportation facilities by bus will be available for the audience at the end of the program.
    • No parking facility will be provided at the venue by the organizers.
  • + Medical Help

    Medical facilities will be available at the venue.

  • + *Notice

    The schedule of performances may change without prior notice.


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Welcome to the 5 edition of Dhaka International FolkFest 2019.