November 15-16-17

Everyday 6 pm- 12 am I Bangladesh Army Stadium


This year like the ones before, you will witness Bangladeshi and international folk musicians performing on a single platform. We want you to celebrate the experience of your lifetime through this journey.

Entwine your soul with the sounds from Polish gypsy folklores to the breezy island of Bahrain to the Alps of Spain. Groove with the heartfelt music of Pakistan, India, and the Grammy award winner folk musicians from the USA. So, take a moment out of your busy life to welcome the music enchanters across the globe to our city of rush. Let’s get acquainted with the rich heritage and culture of the globe and reintroduce yourself to ours in Dhaka International FolkFest 2018.

About The Festival

The euphony of Folk music from around the world comes back to its’ abode. To the land of Lalon, to the river of Bhatiali, to the sound of bhaiwaiya, comes back to the root, comes back to our heritage. The roots of folk music go deep into the culture of a country. The strong presence of folk music is not only found in the life of the populace of Bengal but in their prayers and the diverse lifestyles of its’ people. This is an attempt to revive our rich folk music in our younger generation, a generation devoid of such insatiable taste of folklore. It is our duty to reintroduce ourselves to this lost genre.

We welcome you to Dhaka International FolkFest 2018. This year like the years before, we have lined up myriad of folk legends from around the world along with many unheard folk artists of our own nation; ready with their folklore, their stories, and oh those heart-wrenching melodies. With so many legends performing in a single platform, it will surely be one grand festival, a celebration of the sheer musical brilliance. We hope that you can join South East Asia’s biggest folk music festival. Come indulge your senses to the whirlpool of folk music.

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